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I cannot speak highly enough of the staff. Warm and friendly people who genuinely care. I finish my 36th TMS treatment tomorrow. When asked if I feel it has helped me I start by saying, I would not have driven here 35 times if I was not aware of the benefits I feel. My 15 year old son asked if I felt a positive change in myself and then told that he sees it in me. That was the most remarkable endorsement for TMS that I could possibly provide. God Bless each of the amazing people that have treated me with compassion each time I walked through their doors. I thank you.

Scott William

Excellent All in One Mental Healthcare Service. I come here for TMS through the Veterans Administration Community Outcare Program as the VA Hospitals are backed up for a 6 month waiting list to get Treatment. This will be my Second Round of Treatments known as Maintanance Care to ensure my Depression, Anxiety, OCD and Attention Disorder are all kept at Safe Levels. This clinic has a wonderful staff and they understand Veteran Struggles with mental distress and how to care for it. I highly recommend this Clinic if in need of Mental Healthcare.
Update Week 3 Begins. Starting to feel better, the negative thoughts are slowly fading and I’m feeling less anxious and depressed.

Dean Lutz

Concord, NC is so blessed to have an office like yours providing a service of love. Thank you for brightening up my smile to the world.


There are no words that can describe how grateful I am to you, your staff, and TMS. It has changed my life. It is truly an answer to my prayers.


I have had severe, treatment resistant depression for over 20 years. I have tried everything, including electric shock therapy. TMS is a miracle!! It has changed my life!! The staff at TMS of the Carolinas is knowledgeable, professional and kind. I would highly recommend this treatment and this office for anyone suffering with depression.

Julie H.

TMS of the Carolinas is a very special place. The people are great, and TMS is the most effective depression treatment I have ever encountered. It beats the depression meds I have taken hands down! The TMS process is cutting edge, but the science behind it is decades old. You won’t be a guinea pig with this depression treatment. The process of setting up the machine leaves nothing to chance. The professionals here custom fit each patient for the process. The Neurostar machine uses electromagnetic taps to awaken the brain from the fog of depression. It helps reawaken motivation, joy, and clarity of thought in many people. It certainly has helped me. The staff of TMS of the Carolinas in Concord is warm and inviting, attentive to all details of the treatment. They really care how patients are doing in their journeys with depression. I felt like a member of their extended family from the beginning. In short, if you have unresolved depression, please consider giving it a try. Many insurances now cover some or most of the costs of treatment. Come to TMS of the Carolinas in Concord, NC, or in their soon-to-open Southpark office in Charlotte, NC. You may find out it helps you like it has me. I truly believe the warm staff and TMS process have given me back my joy. I call Neurostar TMS “my miracle”!

Lynn T.

This organization is top notch! I cannot say enough good things. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for 35 years. TMS is the only thing that can completely get me back on track when my mood gets really bad.

Amy M
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Now Approved For Treating Adolescents

Neurostar TMS therapy has received FDA approval for treatment of adolescent depression!

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